A fascinating case study has been published in the July 2006 publication of the peer-reviewed, scientific publication, the Journal of Clinical Chiropractic Pediatrics (JCCP) that reported on a 37 year old woman who had been clinically determined to have infertility. What's interesting here is that the woman didn't seek chiropractic care for her infertility complications, but rather for back pain.

With this documented case, the woman presented herself for chiropractic care due to lower back pain. Her pain has been present for approximately 18 months and was described as sharp pain running down the right leg into the knee. The patient's history revealed that each day she drove between 60 to 90 minutes to work. Once at work the patient spent the majority of her day seated.

The patient's previous diagnostic reports revealed that she had a past history of endometriosis and that there were other reproductive issues that rendered her ovaries inactive therefore she was not able to conceive. Her history also showed that she had undergone 4 unsuccessful attempts at in-vitro-fertilization. Furthermore, ultrasound revealed that her uterus was in a "retroverted" position.

Her chiropractic examination determined the presence of an upper cervical (neck) subluxation in addition to subluxations in the mid and lower spine. Chiropractic care was initiated and a series of specific chiropractic adjustments were given specific to her spinal subluxations.

In this case, the patient noticed reduction of back discomfort after the first visit. Although her driving and job situation did continue to keep aggravate her pain, there was a continuous decrease of these issues. After her fourth month of treatment the patient claimed that she was feeling "great" and was scheduled for a fifth and final attempt for in-vitro-fertilization.

During the in-vitro-fertilization program it was medically discovered that her ovaries were showing activity for the first time on her record, and she had produced two mature eggs. Her physician reported that this was rarely seen in their experience. Shortly after this the patient reported that she was pregnant. She was able to carry the pregnancy to term before giving birth to a healthy baby girl.

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