Canadian Researcher Promotes Chiropractic Usage

The following is an excerpt printed from an article titled, "The Economic Case for the Integration of Chiropractic Services into the Health Care System", by Pran Manga, Ph.D., University of Ottawa, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada. Here is exactly what Dr. Magna says, "Chiropractic care can be a cost-effective solution to other professions management of neuromusculoskeletal disorders. It is safer, progressively more recognized by the general public as shown in the increasing utilization and high patient retention rates and there is much and repeated proof that individuals choose chiropractic over other forms of care for the more common musculoskeletal conditions. The integration of chiropractic into the health care system must serve to decrease health care expenses, enhance accessibility to necessary care, and increase health outcomes. Likely to substantial body of literature displaying that chiropractic care for NMS disorders is beneficial, though there (are) studies that question or challenge this finding. Suffice to say, there is not nearly as much nor as convincing evidence for the effectiveness of medical management of these conditions. Additionally, there is a strong and compelling consensus that chiropractic is safer, and patient satisfaction is higher than for other professions."

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