Chiropractors Mobilize to Protect Children's Rights

Manitoba, Canada is the center point of a heated battle from the chiropractic profession to guard the rights of kids to receive the advantages of chiropractic care. Within the last year several anti-chiropractic forces have started a false smear campaign to gain publicity by saying that chiropractic care could be dangerous. This flies in the face of all evidence showing that chiropractic is definitely one of the safest health care professions.

Despite facts to the contrary the Canadian smear campaign continues to be effective and accomplished their first goal to get the federal government of Manitoba to discontinue chiropractic coverage for kids up to age 19. This move effectively forces many children far from a natural choice of chiropractic and toward drugs or surgery. In a statement dated May, 10, 2002, one of the world's renowned chiropractic pediatric experts, Dr. Maxine McMullen Vice President of the International Chiropractors Association (ICA) and founder and president of the ICA Council of Chiropractic Pediatrics stated, "This decision isn't determined by science or good health care practice. Chiropractic care has been confirmed to be safe and effective for kids and people of every age group. This decision is based in fear instead of in fact. The world chiropractic community will mobilize to take those steps essential to see that fairness and open access for all people prevail."

Other chiropractic organizations also have started to mobilize. In a release dated May, 8, 2002 Dr. Jeanne Ohm, Secretary of the International Chiropractic Pediatric Association asked all of their members to, "Please e-mail the Premier of Manitoba, the Honorable Gary Doer with a short, professional e-mail on behalf of chiropractic care for kids. Take the moment now to turn this around. His address: .

In the 1970's the American Medical Association was sued for restraint of trade and antitrust activities. In that famous "Wilk vs. AMA suit", the AMA lost, and had to publicly admit wrongdoing in their journals in addition to cease any illegal and unlawful activity against chiropractic. Since that time the AMA has been barred from the forms of false smear campaigns in america that have now taken place in Canada. The chiropractic community and the patients we serve are continuing to mobilize to reverse this situation. It truly is our belief that everybody should have open usage of chiropractic care if that is the form of health care they choose.

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